About Evans Planning

Evans Planning’s success is underpinned by our multi-disciplinary approach, combining development approval, policy development, research and strategic communications.

Evans Planning was established in 2004 by Matt Evans, drawing upon his considerable experience in consulting, government and the corporate sector.

Evans Planning has a demonstrated and indepth understanding of legislative, policy and political processes and the ability to develop and execute targeted stakeholder communications campaigns in the complex telecommunications and planning regulatory environments.

Matt draws his experience from a range of positions and interests including:

  • former Mayor and elected Councillor for 6 years at the City of Monash;
  • former Planning Policy Adviser with the Municipal Association of Victoria;
  • former member of the Federal Government’s Development Assessment Forum (DAF); and,
  • former Public Affairs Manager at Hutchison Telecommunications.

Matt currently serves as a member of the State of Victoria’s Councillor Conduct Panel, appointed under the Victorian Local Government Act, and he is a Corporate Member, Planning Institute of Australia (PIA).

Evans Planning has a core team of professionals and can ramp that number up significantly when we need to with contractors we know well. Our team possesses academic qualifications in Urban and Regional Planning, Communications and Policy.

At Evans Planning we like to collaborate. In partnership or as a member of a wider consulting team Evans Planning has an extensive track record of achievement and delivering results. If required, we can form a joint venture partnership with corporate clients, experienced consultants or contractors to deliver results in our specialist service areas. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.